Your feet are prisoners in shoes much of the time, especially during the long, cold winter months, and they won’t hesitate to tell you how unhappy that makes them. You do what you can yourself but, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do to your own feet because you’re not a contortionist. When you’re ready to give your feet the prison break they deserve, call the pedicure professionals at Total Body Spa and Salon to make your feet happy again!


Many people think pedicures are just like manicures. Except, you don’t walk on your hands. Your feet are literally the “bottom line” of how you live, supporting you through thick and thin. A professional pedicure is more than an indulgence – it can literally improve how you live your life.


Getting a pedicure is healthy and good for you. But you really want an indulgent, relaxing experience, too, right? At Total Body Spa and Salon, that begins the moment you walk in for your appointment. You just know we’re going to pamper you.

You’ll start by choosing the color of polish you want for your toes. Hey, they’re your toes, and they deserve to look just as glam as your fingers!

Your Total Body Salon and Spa pedicure professional will then take you away to one of our comfy pedicure chairs. Once you’re settled, they will start by carefully removing any old polish, then moisturizing your nails, one foot at a time. Then your feet soak in a luxurious warm soaking tub.

One foot at a time (while the other continues to enjoy that soothing soak), your pedicure professional will gently push your cuticles back, trim, file, and shape your nails, keeping with the natural shape of your nails, and rub cuticle oil on your cuticles to keep them healthy. When they finish with one foot, it goes back in to soak while they do the other foot.

After getting your toenails into a beautiful shape, your Total Body Salon and Spa pedicure professional will move on to caring for your feet – again, one foot at a time. They will scrub your feet with a specially-designed stone to smooth out any rough area, paying special attention to any callouses or particularly troublesome areas. And, again, after this pampering, each foot goes back into that luxurious soaking tub.

The last step is moisturizing each foot, then giving you a very calming foot massage. And then they give you a fabulous lower-leg massage. Talk about blissing out!

After the massage (which you probably don’t want to end because you’re so comfortable), each foot is gently dried completely, a base of clear polish is applied, then the color you selected earlier is applied. We need to let that get good and dry before you leave, so you’ll just have to stay a bit longer and relax. Hey, this pampering stuff is hard work!

Then off you go out into the world with happy, healthy, beautiful feet! Oh, and remember to make your next appointment on your way out.


French pedicure:Maybe you’re in the mood for a little something “extra.” For just a bit more, finish with French pedicure (nail tips), or maybe even a reverse French (half-moon) pedicure!

Foot Paraffin:Get the smoothest-feeling feet you’ve ever had with our Foot Paraffin treatment.


Call today and get an appointment with a Total Body Spa and Salon pedicure professional who will help you get and keep beautiful, healthy feet!