Reasons to Receive Massage Therapy

While massage therapy was once considered a fringe or alternative approach, it’s enjoying more mainstream popularity. Now that more people are turning to massage treatments, many of today’s insurance companies are covering sessions. In a therapeutic Massage, hands-on methods are used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, tension, and stress, and promote whole-body relaxation. In this detailed guide, readers can learn some major benefits of therapeutic massage.


When a person’s body is tense and stressed, it produces an unhealthy level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that contributes to insomnia, digestive issues, weight gain, headaches, and other problems. Therapeutic Massages in Madison WI have been shown to decrease the body’s cortisol levels, which allows it to go into recovery and repair mode. Massages can help recipients relax, elevate their mood, and reduce their overall stress levels.


Regular massages have been shown to reduce blood pressure in some individuals. Long-term research has shown that a consistent therapeutic massage program can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Massages can also reduce triggers for depression, anxiety, tension, and hostility, and the drop in blood pressure can diminish a recipient’s risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, and other serious health issues.


The ongoing benefits of therapeutic massages shouldn’t be underestimated. Better circulation can cause a domino effect on the body, and it all begins with consistent massage therapy. Proper circulation can bring stiff, tense, and damaged muscles the oxygen-rich blood they need to heal properly. The twisting, pulling, and squeezing motions of therapeutic massage techniques can remove lactic acid from the muscular tissues, improving the circulation of lymph fluid and removing metabolic waste. In the end, the recipient’s full body function is greatly improved.


Many people suffer from neck, back, and muscle pain that arises for a variety of reasons, but bad posture is a primary cause. Chronic back pain is the second most common disability, and it’s often the result of incorrect sitting or standing posture. Being overweight, having bad posture, and performing repetitive movements can cause a severe strain on the back, legs, neck, hips, and glutes. However, massage therapy can help the body return to proper alignment by loosening and relaxing muscles that have been made sore and tense by bad posture. Simply put, massage therapy appointments can help recipients correct movements and positions developed over the years as a response to chronic pain.


Regular massage therapy sessions can provide numerous benefits to the body. It is a well-documented fact that those who undergo high-stress levels are more likely to become sick or injured. When a person’s stress is combined with poor nutrition and lack of sleep, the effects begin to show in the immune system. The body’s ability to protect itself against pathogens, infections, and viruses are significantly reduced. Many people wonder how massages can benefit the immune system, but it’s been proven. Numerous studies indicate that frequent massages can not only help diminish stress, but they can also increase the immune system’s cytotoxic and nourishment delivery abilities. Furthermore, massage is a fine addition to a fitness program. Just as frequent exercise keeps the body finely tuned, regular massages can help keep a person’s immune system resilient, strong, and working like it should.


The goal of therapeutic massage is to target the body’s sources of pain by reducing muscle tension, increasing overall flexibility, and helping the affected muscles and the rest of the body to relax. As said before, massage promotes circulation to injured or affected muscles, which increases the amount of oxygen and nourishment to these tissues.

In turn, the heightened activity to affected areas reduces edema and stiffness in the joints and muscles, and it increases flexibility while reducing pain. This type of therapy can encourage the release of endorphins, which boost the body’s serotonin and dopamine levels. These natural hormones help the body in various ways, emotionally as well as physically. When endorphins are released via massage, they encourage pain management, healing, and euphoric feelings while calming the nerves.

Once regarded as a fringe treatment, massage therapy is becoming more popular among mainstream practitioners. Now that it’s more common, it’s easier to get these treatments covered by insurance. With massage therapy, patients can increase circulation, relieve anxiety, sleep better, and feel more relaxed overall.

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